Saturday, February 25, 2017

The 6 Basic Rules For A Post-Disclosure Afterlife

The devil may be in the details but then so is deliverance, especially when considering it’s the details that keep the devil at bay.

From what I can tell, acute attention to the details of life for any whistleblower, experiencer or truth-teller on the verge is essential. History will show, however, that many “truthers” don’t always have the opportunity to plan and prepare for the devastating consequences of their disclosure. For those who can and do prepare, there appears to be a noticeable tendency to follow what I call, “The 6 Basic Rules For A Post-Disclosure Afterlife.”

Rule #1 - End the silence blowing every whistle at once!
Any truther who has a ‘top secret’ story to spill, yet still wants to live, makes it a point to go large, viral large, when coming out - interviews, articles, books, blogs, videos, social media, whatever it takes. In other words, go loud and go long.

Rule #2 - Declare your sanity and commitment to live.
Prudent truthers make a point during interviews to declare their mental stability for the record, right before affirming they are not suicidal. This is done hoping to ward off a mortal mishap on every drive home forever. When the ‘go loud and go long’ card (Rule #1) is played, it helps to promote an environment of public awareness which can inspire supportive audiences to become vocally suspicious should tragedy strike.

Rule #3 - Hide your identity, hide your family and life details.
It is not out of the ordinary for those compelled to take the risk for truth to use a pseudonym when going public. When the penalty extracted for violating the cult of silence can include character assassination, career destruction and the decimation of everything a person might love, taking on a fake name while striving for some anonymity might help to add a small layer of protection between a truther and a deadly life disruption. This approach isn’t for everyone and it isn’t always possible.

Rule #4 – Stash the cash in advance.
Financial ruin is one of the most tragic life disruptions to beset a truther after violating a lifetime gag order. Financially stripping anyone can be achieved in a myriad of ways, but it typically comes at the expense of one’s reputation, career, business, pension, marriage and family. Financial ruin is often the equivalent of a total life disruption. That is why those who are able to plan out the conditions surrounding their disclosure attempt to safely set aside more than enough resources to retire on. Again, this approach may not always be possible.

Rule #5 – Push back when under attack.
Attacks validate the truth so expect them. When under attack, go louder - the bigger the attack, the louder the push back. No one will know you’re being attacked unless you sound the alarm - circle the wagons for safety in numbers. It takes a lot of courage to break programming and stand alone, not to mention it can be a lonely position to defend when the Deep State is dead set on silencing violators. This is a good time to really go loud and go long.

Rule #6 - Keep ‘em guessing and keep one step ahead.
The only things in a truther’s life that must (hopefully) die are predictable routines and habits. The eye in the sky has difficulty at times tracking spur of the moment changes in an otherwise dependable schedule or mind set or energy field, and a moving target is always harder to hit. Keep it fresh, keep it spontaneous, keep it crazy, Ivan.

I think it’s important to clarify here there is a significant distinction between jeopardizing national security and alerting humanity to the crimes being maliciously perpetrated upon it with strategic intent - and I include all things ET and UFO in the second group due to the prevailing full scale cover up and treatment of experiencers and abductees as a resulting matter of routine. It’s also important to acknowledge that every job classified ‘top secret’ doesn’t mean it is genocidal or anti-life and deemed whistleblowing worthy. Disclosure is usually predicated upon a truther’s conscience being triggered by some perception of a sinister, illegal or deceptive reality.

Given the abundance of truther testimony out there for consideration, it seems apparent to me that many of the world’s worker bees who have been burdened for life with covert knowledge are good humans overall. For some, the price of their secrecy is too high and akin to betraying their conscience and their kind for a paycheck. For others, the need for inner peace sees the truth come pouring out in their death bed confessions. But for the majority, their guilty secrets are buried with their bodies and the deceptive cycle perpetuates until someone finds the courage to speak out. As the march toward full disclosure continues to expand, truther testimony is clearly increasing exponentially.

Yes, they do indeed live (and work) among us. The evidence is irrefutable to me and it’s everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Hollywood alone has been showing us the truth of our reality matrix for decades, only it’s been sold as science fiction, horror, fantasy and entertainment. The 1988 low-budget John Carpenter film starring Roddy Piper (RIP) titled, “They Live,” says a lot. On September 27, 2013, Roddy Piper announced his truth when he tweeted, “They Live is a documentary!!” 20 months later in July 2015, he was dead from a heart attack.
© by DK King