Saturday, September 8, 2018

De-Programming 101

8 September 2018

I had absolutely NO idea what I was opening myself up to when I began journaling my big sky life in Montana during the early 1990’s. The most I’d hoped to gain from it was a moment of light at the end of a good cathartic release.

What I did gain, however, far exceeded my limited perspective at the time for, unbeknownst to me, those releases were adding up. And they were adding up to something worth the work and the wait.

To remember emotionally triggered events for the purpose of writing them down is to re-live those heightened emotions and whatever baggage those experiences bring with them. It isn’t for the faint hearted, yet, I could not stop. My emotional body, once allowed to freely express itself for the first time ever in an uncensored format, wasn’t about to be shut down until it was done speaking its part.

So the journaling went on for about 15 years as one emotionally charged memory would trigger another memory which would trigger another memory, and so on. Suffice to say, I stuck with it as long as I needed to and then one day I was simply done ... with the journaling part anyhow.

The next act in my personal passion play - what I call the integration and healing process – has been ongoing, and has seen many failed performances with maybe an occasional standing ovation. Frankly, I don’t think the process of spiritual evolution ever ends, but it does seem to get a little smoother with depth in understanding, acceptance+surrender, and a deep commitment to becoming a sovereign being.

When it comes to my emotional triggers anymore, I stop and pay attention. Then I DELETE, because I equate these emotional triggers to short-circuiting computer programs – programs that have been continuously installed and updated over lifetimes courtesy of social engineering and other manipulative methods for the purpose of mind control. During World War II, Mengele and his Nazis called a version of this MK Ultra.

Elements of mind control programming are so deeply imbedded throughout our global social structures, the majority have no idea just how programmed and played they’ve been. Myself included.

I now consider my triggers to be my friend. They alert me in a most uncomfortable way when it’s time to delete a corrupted mind program that no longer serves my highest and best.  

Removing beLIEf mind programs from the subconscious are, in my experience, the pathway to true sovereignty since it is the function of these programs to interfere and override who and what we truly are. Humanity has been so programmed that far too many can be emotionally triggered to fight to the death to defend a programmed beLIEf without ever questioning why they beLIEve what they beLIEve. Again, BeLIEf = Program.

Archetypes are programs. ALL Religion is a program. Fear, greed, scarcity, lack, narcissism, guilt, anger, violence, martyrdom, workaholism, suffering, superiority, discrimination, competition, value, worth, power, prestige, status, judgement, free will, anything that divides and separates humanity = ALL PROGRAMS.

The only thing that can override the negative programming that is designed to override us is intention and a compassionate heart rooted in Universal LOVE. Yet, even the concept of love has been hijacked. The 3D matrix has been programming humanity with its shadowy version of what love is supposed to look like for millennia and twisted it into something dark and unnatural. Most of us don’t even know what real love feels like, let alone that it can only begin with compassionate love of self.

Much gratitude goes to MK Ultra survivor Cathy O’Brien and her generosity in sharing how she began de-programming from a life rooted in trauma-based mind control. She began with journaling, years of heavy journaling. Sound familiar? Thank you for the trigger, Montana.

With the work and the wait, after years of journaling and even writing a book about it, I can clearly see that Living The Big Sky Life was the subconscious start of my conscious de-programming process. It can also be an opportunity, for those who dare, to witness the deconstruction of a programmed psyche, meltdowns and all. End of program.

© by DK King

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Earth Attitude: Unconditional Business

For the Awakened (and only you know if you are), the old system of things is dead. It’s energetically over. It just doesn’t know it yet.

There can be no more “business as usual,” not ever. Passive acceptance for the old way of doing things within a biased system based upon bonds of indentured servitude is no longer an option. It simply cannot be sustained because the dead system’s roots were rotted out from under us a long time ago as very few took notice.

Yet, with every ending comes a new beginning. When the old ways won’t work, new ways to work are created.

So what do we want to create instead? Where do we go from here? How do we work with others in a practical way during this foot-in-both-worlds between-time?

These are issues I’ve been pondering for a while because I know now it is up to us – each individual and the collective – to co-create a brand new way of ‘sharing talents’ and experiences while redefining what has worth or value in a higher humane way. And to co-create a brand new way forward will mean designing balanced and beneficial methods of interacting without replicating any of the old system’s darkness and duplicity.

When I found a recent article by Vera Ingebord, The Wake Up Experience entitled Unconditional Business-Doing Business on New Earth, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was as if she'd read my mind and I am so grateful for her perceptions I'm compelled to share them. I feel her insight can offer us a sound working bridge over the volatile rapids of systemic change. No doubt, there will many new exciting concepts to consider in our coming timelines. It's hard to wait.

For now, I, too, am looking forward to doing and being “Unconditional Business” with you.
© by DK King

Unconditional Business

A big part of the creation of New Earth is how businesses will be run and will be operating in the future. The energetic New Earth templates are created based on trust and unconditional love. This has a large impact on the business world.

You will find no conditions, contracts, terms or disclaimers on my website any longer as those are old concepts based on fear and mistrust.

Our commitment to a joint experience is all that is needed. We commit to a co-creation the moment we take the decision to work with each other.

Based on the new energies, and based on the knowing that we are each responsible for our own energy and creation, we know that all experiences we step into are meant to be and meant to assist us on our journey and in our growth. When we get triggered and a button gets pushed, we know that this is a sign of our own system, telling us where we are still not in balance. We take responsibility for our own feelings; we accept them to then shift them. The New Earth Human values all that is and sees the purpose in each and every experience.

New Earth businesses are operating in the same way - as collectives interacting with other collectives, based on energetic resonance and principles.

Intention, commitment and dedication

My intention, commitment and dedication is to work with people and businesses that are ready to drop all conditions and safety nets that are based on the old paradigm patterns, based on lack, mistrust and fear. Instead, we jointly are doing business together and are co-creating amazing projects, endeavors and experiences based on abundance, trust and love, that manifest into the New Earth reality. We jointly embody the new blueprints of co-operation, and comm-unity. The only laws that need to be respected are the universal laws of energy. They automatically represent the fertile ground on which we will build the new paradigm.

Unconditional business automatically always leads to a win-win for everyone as everyone commits and takes responsibility for their part. Win-win can mean anything, money is just one part in it. There are many other forms of abundance to be appreciated, such as, connections to amazing people, new experiences, new inspiration, new growth opportunities personally and collectively, etc.

Unconditional business is automatically in balance, as it is a co-creation of balanced beings that are aware of the universal laws, the process of creation and evolution and their responsibility for their own energetic contribution into the joint creation. Therefore, an aligned intention and commitment is key before entering the process of physical creation. This includes the commitment to be very honest and share when something feels out of alignment and feels unpleasant. Expressing our authenticity and vulnerability is an essential part and key to successful co-creation.

This also means to give a new meaning and task to money. Money is not the purpose of why we are co-creating or why we are doing business. Money is nothing but the energetic backflow for a co-creation to maintain balance with the value created, and to re-invest it into further co-creations that serve the greater good.

I am looking forward to doing and being unconditional business with you!