Sunday, November 27, 2016

We Were Told We Had No Power And We Believed It

How do you imprint upon a baby elephant that it does not have the power to run away?

You weigh down each foot with a heavy stone the moment it is born. By the time you get around to removing the stones that have grown heavier with time and training (which is right about the teenage stage), the elephant knows with certainty and believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can never, ever run beyond the reach of its tether.

After processing that little life-like allegory through multiple parallels for a parsec, consider this question:   Just because the elephant believes it can never run away, does that really make it so?

It’s altogether evident that left alone an elephant would possess the physical strength to throw its weight around without restriction at a fairly young age, so the elephant’s actual physical capacity to run is not a likely limitation to liberation.

Logic tells us that the elephant’s ingrained belief is, while effective, based upon a lie. A clever lie indeed and one devised to commandeer the personal power away from the unsuspecting baby in order to transfer it to the master controller ad infinitum before the youth can ever be the wiser. The lie is also brilliantly self-perpetuating for once the elephant is programmed to believe its feet are too heavy to run, the stones can be removed and the established restrictions become self-imposing + self-enforcing + self-regulating – quite the powerful trifecta.

Nevertheless, the elephant’s enslavement remains a figment of its perfectly trained mind. The reality is the elephant has what it needs to break and run whenever it decides to, yet it does not. I believe Harriet Tubman’s take on this style of mindset trapping still applies: “I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

By the time our baby elephant has grown strong enough to liberate itself at will, it’s too afraid to even contemplate the notion thanks to its common core training and overriding memories of fear and pain and the burden of those heavy stones. As far as the master controller is concerned, this little elephant is a success story - it has been properly programmed from infancy to believe its safest lot in life is to remain within the established comfort zone and that is where it will remain until the end, by choice.  

Now if we were to multiply this constrained baby elephant by 6 billion, we would have a planet filled with 6 billion mind-controlled elephants programmed with the trifecta to self-perpetuate the establishment rules without truly knowing why, or without ever knowing who the mystery masters making the rules really are.

What would happen if these elephants began to realize together they outsize and outnumber their mysterious master controllers by the billions?

© by DK King

Saturday, November 19, 2016

“Consciousness Quake” defined


AKA The Tower.  The Tower” card is known to mystics and tarot readers alike to be the 16th card of the Major Arcana. Master Numerologist, Richard Andrew King, would call the type of “16/7” energy represented by this card the Great Purifier

Instead of striking at the crown, the 16/7 lightning bolt that triggers a Consciousness Quake strikes at the base of the target, at the foundation and very cornerstone. The strike is often stealthily rendered so that the fatal cracks inflicted can simmer beneath the surface without immediate awareness. By the time the cracks start to spread, it’s too late. Permanent damage done. Things will never look or feel the same again (even if you try to reconstruct it).

A lesser lightning strike might typically be called an A-HA moment, or an epiphany. The primary difference between an epiphany and a Consciousness Quake is directly related to the level of disturbance. Unlike the epiphany, a Consciousness Quake is all about disseminating tremors through both the individual and the collective realms; both the micro (individual) and the macro (collective).

A classic epiphany, while profound unto itself, will send internal tremors throughout the mind/body/spirit realms of an individual, and can be likened to the ripples that radiate outward from a stone tossed into a pool - a pool of consciousness that is. The stone’s impact being the epiphany itself as the resulting ripples act to irradiate the epiphany’s newfound enlightenment throughout the entire being.

The Consciousness Quake not only creates the same internal mind/body/spirit tremors for the individual, but kicks it up a notch by making the epiphany “public.” In going “public,” those rolling waves of ‘A-HAs’ are amplified beyond the individual and throughout the collective consciousness for the entire macro to access and benefit from. Instead of a stone being tossed into the pool of consciousness, it’s more like a boulder.

The pathway of enlightenment is laid by the Consciousness Quake for nothing can blow those boulders standing in the way of ascension out of the way better.

© by DK King

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Beginning and The End Feel The Same

December 2012 was positively the end of my world as I knew it, only (like I said) I didn’t know it at the time.

By the time The Galactic Transcripts were published in September 2013, it was full steam ahead. My focus had completely and irrevocably changed. Research and the quest for knowledge became a full time job. Not even my father’s suspicious death on December 20, 2012 got in the way.

Perhaps it was no accident that all of these events coincided with the end of the Mayan calendar, the winter solstice, and the invisible galactic surge then shift in global energies on December 21, 2012. I didn’t spend much time pondering the timing of it all. Yet before I even had time to gauge the full impact of my consciousness quake, a voracious thirst for truth had overtaken my life. Truth was a thirst that could only be quenched with real knowledge, occult knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil.

This meant devouring the apple in its entirety, which for me meant delving into the alternative world of conspiracies, aliens and UFOs, spirituality and new age love & light, Satanism and SRA, symbolism and secret societies, religious agendas and origins, super soldiers and MK Ultra, and anything else you can probably think of. Topics considered by most to be off the straight and narrow beaten path. Certainly nothing one would ever find on the mainstream mind control media.

It also meant sifting through a lot of regurgitated crap and apocalyptic fear porn. After a while, it’s hard not to develop a finely tuned BS meter which helps a lot.

Good thing I was pretty open minded. And good thing I had open minded friends to help out along the way. I’m talking great friends here – friends who listened to me, shared information with me, as I continue to do with them; friends who’ve been able to keep up with my connect-the-dot ramblings and the fast pace of change that comes when learning the truth of things.  

For this support I am deeply grateful because more often than not the changes instigated by truth mean profound endings and loss, whether it’s in the realm of family/friends/loved ones, a job, one’s self-identity, belief system, way of life, money resources, or possibly all of the above and then some.

My quest has seen no subject too sacred to dissect, no belief left without scrutiny as new information comes to light. I quickly made a most unexpected discovery as well: things that don’t appear to be connected in any way are often intricately connected.

It’s been a very winding road indeed, and a work in progress. So how would I sum up in 25 words or less what I think I know so far? I would sum it up like this:


My hope in the coming posts is to describe for those who are interested what the winding road to this sublime conclusion has looked like, been like. I do this while readily acknowledging that many roads exist leading to the same destination. In other words, what worked for me, may not work for another. And I just don’t think it matters where we start our personal ‘awake and aware’ journey as long as we started yesterday for there is a strong urgency permeating the air of which the masses seem ignorant of and desensitized to. This has been on purpose.

© by DK King

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Shaken Awake By A Consciousness Quake

What happened to shake it all up? Well, (and I’m hardly the first to say this) it began with a book.

Let me preface this part by saying that the decades leading up to my momentous “consciousness quake” had been rife with unusual challenges that I won’t go in to at this stage, although you can read about some of it in my latest book, Living The Big Sky Life. The point is I recognize in hindsight that my mindset, not unlike the foundation beneath me, was being prepared for a major shift far in advance of my reading the book that would prove to be a catalyst for deconstruction.

In early December 2012, I was celebrating my birthday with a dear friend I like to call 'my brother from another mother', Richard Andrew King. (Yes, we too found our matching surnames a synchronistic point of interest when first we met about twenty years ago.) Richard is a world-renown master numerologist and prolific writer, an overall amazing man.

As Richard and I sat in his office this particular evening discussing a myriad of esoteric topics as we are wont to do, he briefly left the room and returned with a stack of manually typed pages dating back to 1959. I was initially mesmerized by what he chose to share with me, and then great excitement overtook. I suggested that Richard take steps to preserve these Transcripts (as they later came to be called) in an electronic format because the originals I was holding in my hands were the only copies. Once lost, they’d be lost forever, and they seemed too important to risk that possibility. Richard had been in possession of these Transcripts for over forty years by this time.

My excitement must’ve been contagious because the next morning I woke up to an email from Richard (who appeared to have been burning the midnight oil) saying he believed the best way to preserve the Transcripts was to publish them - it was time. I was thrilled!!

The Galactic Transcripts
Due to the unusual nature of what Richard later came to entitle, The Galactic Transcripts, he asked that I assist him in the proofreading/editing aspects required during the pre-publication process. A task I gladly accepted - a task that also made it necessary for me to read and re-read these Transcripts many times over. With each reading, I could feel (what began as) that subtle nudge at the back of my mind gradually evolve into a rumbling consciousness quake that refused to be ignored. Clearly ... for this rumbling has yet to stop.  

There was a lot of hype throughout the year 2012 regarding the overall significance of the date of December 21, 2012, the winter solstice and what is often referred to as the end of the Mayan calendar. At the time, I did not have an expectation or strong opinion one way or another with regards to this date or its aspects. But then again, in hindsight, I recognize that something significant did indeed happen. But it happened internally, it was personal. Surprising things hidden deep within me started to seep through the rupture I had unwittingly made in a covert cavern lurking right beneath my ego, only it wasn’t so obvious at the onset.

It is obvious to me now that none of this was a coincidence.

© by DK King