Friday, July 28, 2017

The Release of Poverty Consciousness

26 July 2017

The strategic hijacking of humanity’s resources through an economic model known as Babylonian Debt Slavery is not a new ideology. It has been around as long as our fake recorded history.

It has also been the source of substantial suffering for the manipulated masses who believed for millennia they had no power over their systematic enslavement. Thus, being burdened and powerless, the masses have been purposefully overwhelmed beyond distraction by the debt load foisted upon them, yet unquestioning with regard to the authoritarian rules coming down to them from above, or the underlying reasons for any of it.

Debt enslavement prevailed on a grand scale because few had the skills or courage to perceive the truth, let alone the mass support necessary to break the spell. It is well known that those who have spoken out against an establishment designed to purloin have often paid a heavy price, death included. Punishment for transgressions of this nature has been publicly administered to instill within the heart of humanity a deep and unconditional fear of the system. Some have chosen to embrace the illusion so thoroughly that they believe the establishment is there to protect them when, in fact, it is there to protect only itself.

Corporate debt slavery has been a great success in every way that counts within the establishment running this 3D Matrix. It has worked like a charm and we submitted obediently … until now.

When it comes to the world of finance, every being has its own perceptions and preferences. What is believed to be the right way for one, may be the wrong way for another. What is believed to be balanced, sensible, prudent, legal, fair, etc. is just that: a personal belief, predicated upon some form of conditioning. We all have our belief systems, yet many of us do not even know where our deepest core beliefs (or schools of thought) came from or why we believe what we do.

Within our dying Matrix, the slave drivers have reigned supreme and ruled us all, the rich and the poor. Whatever our school of thought may be on the illusionary matter of money, the system of debt slavery has strived to indenture every being born without the possibility of redemption, despite the dangled carrots, false promises and glitz.

As waves of humanity awaken to the truth of their enslavement during this ascension activation period, many have begun questioning and reconsidering their old school beliefs. A promising first step to be sure, for by challenging our core beliefs, we allow ourselves the opportunity to naturally evolve toward an open-minded or more flexible way of perception where subservience and judgment of ourselves and others has little to cling to.

To neutralize the influences of our establishment indoctrination is to give ourselves permission to ask the probing questions of a truth seeker. And to question an establishment authority that opposes our personal sovereignty can be nothing less than an act of empowerment with the opportunity to change perspective.

In the act of collectively integrating our ever-changing perceptions and newly learned truths with authenticity, we are now altering the frequency of mass consciousness in a most powerful way. This vibrational expansion is creating massive dead spots within the 3D Matrix. Humanity is no longer charmed and the spell is lifting.

Motu proprio!

© by DK King

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Power of Belief

18 July 2017

Our beliefs create the backdrop of our existing 3D Matrix and what we see as reality in the world around us. In other words, the Matrix in which we live is sustained by the congruent, yet often unconscious, underlying belief systems of the mass collective consciousness - belief systems that have been programmed vibrationally and reinforced by the ingrained masses through lifetimes of indoctrination.

When we choose to change our belief system in a way that allows us to elevate beyond the vibratory tolerance levels of mass consciousness, a frequency shortage is created within the Matrix and the Matrix knows no limits when it comes to protecting its power source.

One effective solution in quelling socially uncomfortable Matrix disturbances has historically included some form of cultural “electroshock” fear therapy designed to re-align our frequencies with the Matrix by using our support systems and indoctrinated beliefs against us.

The more profound and significant the changes made to our deepest-set beliefs, the more substantial the Matrix disruption and resulting energetic dead spots left in its wake.

At this point in some present timeline, there are simply too many dead spots to hold this Matrix together as it once was. The old world 3D Matrix appears to be getting smaller and smaller as it desperately attempts to pull together what remains of its power source:  the mass consciousness that still believes in it and just cannot bear to let it go.

For those compelled to expand their awareness beyond the limitations of this old world Matrix, it’s time we remember who we really are, it’s time to remember who YOU are. You are a powerful creator being and your beliefs are now actively creating our new world with loving intention! And how great is that.

We are what we believe, so let’s open our hearts together and create BIG. Really big. No limits.

© by DK King

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The 6 Basic Rules For A Post-Disclosure Afterlife

The devil may be in the details but then so is deliverance, especially when considering it’s the details that keep the devil at bay.

From what I can tell, acute attention to the details of life for any whistleblower, experiencer or truth-teller on the verge is essential. History will show, however, that many “truthers” don’t always have the opportunity to plan and prepare for the devastating consequences of their disclosure. For those who can and do prepare, there appears to be a noticeable tendency to follow what I call, “The 6 Basic Rules For A Post-Disclosure Afterlife.”

Rule #1 - End the silence blowing every whistle at once!
Any truther who has a ‘top secret’ story to spill, yet still wants to live, makes it a point to go large, viral large, when coming out - interviews, articles, books, blogs, videos, social media, whatever it takes. In other words, go loud and go long.

Rule #2 - Declare your sanity and commitment to live.
Prudent truthers make a point during interviews to declare their mental stability for the record, right before affirming they are not suicidal. This is done hoping to ward off a mortal mishap on every drive home forever. When the ‘go loud and go long’ card (Rule #1) is played, it helps to promote an environment of public awareness which can inspire supportive audiences to become vocally suspicious should tragedy strike.

Rule #3 - Hide your identity, hide your family and life details.
It is not out of the ordinary for those compelled to take the risk for truth to use a pseudonym when going public. When the penalty extracted for violating the cult of silence can include character assassination, career destruction and the decimation of everything a person might love, taking on a fake name while striving for some anonymity might help to add a small layer of protection between a truther and a deadly life disruption. This approach isn’t for everyone and it isn’t always possible.

Rule #4 – Stash the cash in advance.
Financial ruin is one of the most tragic life disruptions to beset a truther after violating a lifetime gag order. Financially stripping anyone can be achieved in a myriad of ways, but it typically comes at the expense of one’s reputation, career, business, pension, marriage and family. Financial ruin is often the equivalent of a total life disruption. That is why those who are able to plan out the conditions surrounding their disclosure attempt to safely set aside more than enough resources to retire on. Again, this approach may not always be possible.

Rule #5 – Push back when under attack.
Attacks validate the truth so expect them. When under attack, go louder - the bigger the attack, the louder the push back. No one will know you’re being attacked unless you sound the alarm - circle the wagons for safety in numbers. It takes a lot of courage to break programming and stand alone, not to mention it can be a lonely position to defend when the Deep State is dead set on silencing violators. This is a good time to really go loud and go long.

Rule #6 - Keep ‘em guessing and keep one step ahead.
The only things in a truther’s life that must (hopefully) die are predictable routines and habits. The eye in the sky has difficulty at times tracking spur of the moment changes in an otherwise dependable schedule or mind set or energy field, and a moving target is always harder to hit. Keep it fresh, keep it spontaneous, keep it crazy, Ivan.

I think it’s important to clarify here there is a significant distinction between jeopardizing national security and alerting humanity to the crimes being maliciously perpetrated upon it with strategic intent - and I include all things ET and UFO in the second group due to the prevailing full scale cover up and treatment of experiencers and abductees as a resulting matter of routine. It’s also important to acknowledge that every job classified ‘top secret’ doesn’t mean it is genocidal or anti-life and deemed whistleblowing worthy. Disclosure is usually predicated upon a truther’s conscience being triggered by some perception of a sinister, illegal or deceptive reality.

Given the abundance of truther testimony out there for consideration, it seems apparent to me that many of the world’s worker bees who have been burdened for life with covert knowledge are good humans overall. For some, the price of their secrecy is too high and akin to betraying their conscience and their kind for a paycheck. For others, the need for inner peace sees the truth come pouring out in their death bed confessions. But for the majority, their guilty secrets are buried with their bodies and the deceptive cycle perpetuates until someone finds the courage to speak out. As the march toward full disclosure continues to expand, truther testimony is clearly increasing exponentially.

Yes, they do indeed live (and work) among us. The evidence is irrefutable to me and it’s everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Hollywood alone has been showing us the truth of our reality matrix for decades, only it’s been sold as science fiction, horror, fantasy and entertainment. The 1988 low-budget John Carpenter film starring Roddy Piper (RIP) titled, “They Live,” says a lot. On September 27, 2013, Roddy Piper announced his truth when he tweeted, “They Live is a documentary!!” 20 months later in July 2015, he was dead from a heart attack.
© by DK King

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

They Do Indeed Live (And Work) Among Us

Charles Hall and the Tall Whites blew the doors to the Star Wars cantina wide open for me. By choosing to walk through those doors, my aural eyes were opened as well. And it wasn’t long before I started noticing certain patterns.  

Mr. Hall is by no means the first ‘whistleblower’ to give a personal account that directly contradicts the official line of denial of all things ET. The fact that his interactions occurred in the 1960s can serve to remind us just how far back the ET cover-up goes, even before the 1947 Roswell incident and the covert formation of Majestic 12 (MJ-12) - the agency once responsible for all ET cover ups. (For more information on MJ-12, consider reading “The Blue Planet Project.”)

Mr. Hall is also one of the early whistleblowers who lived to tell about it, when it appears many do not. It can be an understood death sentence for some employees, contractors and service people with security clearances who choose to violate their confidentiality agreements in any way, ever. The deeper challenge in this scenario of silence becomes more evident when we realize that who is harmed when a violation occurs isn’t always limited to the whistleblower because punishment can sometimes extend to family and friends. This has kept many wannabe whistleblowers silenced to death.

Every once in a while though, there comes along a guilt laden whistleblower with days to live and nothing to lose except the heavy burden of a conscience in need of absolution. Scenarios like these appear to be picking up pace and have become particularly evident as MC control over the flow of information begins to wane.

When Mr. Hall first went public with his contact experiences, he cautiously published and promoted his book as a work of fiction. His approach was not unusual when considering the costly repercussions for going public, although Mr. Hall has always asserted that he was never bound to silence by a confidentiality agreement. His first book evolved into a series of books on the subject once he owned up to the truthful nature of his story.

What we don’t know is what other kind of agreement, if any, Mr. Hall may have made with some alphabet control agency in exchange for permission to publish his personal story as fact rather than fiction. Was his story complete or were there limitations placed upon what he could reveal without running the risk of unsavory consequences? From what I can tell, ‘censorship required’ scenarios are quite common. The censored approach allows dribbles of truth to seep into the public domain but in a highly controlled way, which is the insulting equivalent of a tease without the please. 

Whatever compliance concessions Mr. Hall may or may not have been compelled to make, it’s pretty obvious to an ordinary observer like me that he was basically allowed to tell his story without the detrimental repercussions experienced by numerous whistleblowers who also opted for a truthful path. The form of death penalty a whistleblower can be subject to is not always synonymous with physical death, however. It can alternately involve character assassination, financial ruin, and the decimation of familial or loving support systems. For some, a physical death would’ve been preferred.

I learned a lot from listening to Mr. Hall and am glad his story is out there. Something notable he taught me is something I deal with each time I learn a large new truth. It’s what I call the ‘adjustment period’, or the time frame it took for him to internally adjust to the conceptual and energetic challenges unique to his military work experiences. I remember him saying it took about six months to grow accustomed to the continuous presence of the Tall Whites and all that entails. What I’ve discovered is that this six month adjustment period seems to apply to just about any profound experience that is seriously disruptive to our belief systems. Most of us really do need around six months to integrate any big change into our accepted awareness.

No mainstream media member in the White House press corps was ever allowed to ask a President about ETs and UFOs - to ask was to be banished. It appears we now have a President who isn’t interested in playing by the old rules, so maybe we’re closer to full disclosure than we think. Maybe we’re closer to the big truth behind “The Big Lie” than we think.

Remember Charles Hall and the six months it can take getting used to a new reality. It could be six months for some and longer for others, so let’s be kind as we work through our adjustments together. Shall we?

© by DK King

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Then Along Came The Tall Whites

If you had asked me prior to 2012 and The Galactic Transcripts what I thought about ETs and UFOs, my response would’ve been the equivalent of an “eh” and a shrug because I never gave the subject much thought. Not because I ever bought the official line of denial on the matter or the story about homo sapien sapien being the epitome of soul-bearing lifeforms in the known Universe.

No. But because it was always a given in my mind they were out there … even if all I had was an unsubstantiated knowingness.    

That, and the oblique fact that (and many ETs would agree) it made absolutely no logical sense to me that the only intelligent lifeform in an expanding Universe (and on this planet I might add) would be the human being. The manipulative notion purporting our Earth human to be the smartest thing around any planetary block in the galaxy always seemed naught but ignorant and arrogant - especially when considering that even establishment scientists are now estimating there are more than two hundred trillion galaxies outside of our own Milky Way.

Let me further clarify that I do not consider myself an ET abductee or ‘experiencer’. If I have ever been abducted, I have no conscious memory of it. But I need to remind those who do not fully understand how things behind the curtain really work that just because we don’t remember something happening doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Let me offer some bits of friendly advice: Never rule anything out, and never say never.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t one of those souls who grew up staring at the stars wishing for a UFO to whiz by and beam me up. This doesn’t mean I haven’t seen a UFO for indeed I have, and several. However, given the cloaked traffic jams in our skies these days, seeing a UFO doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an ET alien aircraft. And frankly at this stage, I don't have the training to know the difference.

It is common knowledge among historians and researchers alike that technologically advanced aircraft and devices were being reversed engineered and developed in secret by Nazi German scientists during World War II. Project Paperclip absorbed those scientists and all of that research into western Allied intelligence labs after the war ended. Did anyone really think They would let that kind of space age R&D go down with the Nazi ship that never really went down?

After more than 75 years of unfettered advancements, we can only imagine how far this research has progressed in secret. When our hand-held technology today is compared to what has been in clandestine use by our secret space program for decades, the declarations made by many a whistleblower becomes irrefutable – we are not nearly as advanced as we think. In other words, those impressive black triangular UFOs seen in our skies since the 1960s are synonymous with aerospace industry covered wagons.

All said, what became apparent to me early on was that The Galactic Transcripts somehow gave substance to what I had always internally known. Whatever else it opened up was more than enough to ensure I would not rest until I knew more, a lot more. When the questions started pouring into my head without interruption, I did what most of us do these days, I scoured the internet for enlightenment.

My unregimented research began where I suspect many newbies begin - Roswell, New Mexico and the 1947 crash of an alien aircraft, oh I mean weather balloon. I didn’t dwell too long on the details of the Roswell crash because I found the blatant cover up a bore and the subject has been dissected to death by every expert and then some. Until further information comes to light about the Roswell incident, I thought it best to set it aside while diversifying my investigation. I had a daily array of questions in need of fresh answers.

This is when I discovered Charles Hall and the Tall Whites. He was the first experiencer on my list who was still alive and giving lectures with his wife by his side. His personal story about the private time he had spent with the Tall Whites in the Nevada desert while in the military was hard to dismiss. Perhaps because I knew inside he spoke truth. Yet, I was left wondering why his story wasn’t common knowledge. Why wasn’t it out there being discussed by everyone?

For whatever reason, They chose not to completely suppress the Charles Hall story. For this I am glad because it doesn't usually work that way. It seems pretty obvious to me now how They tasked Their ruthless MIB henchmen eons ago with ensuring that the people of Earth never, ever get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

© by DK King