Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Hived Mind With The Most Drones Wins

The more I learned about the ever-elusive They and the dystopia They feed on, the more I began to take profound stock of what was around me. Talk about an infinite slew of consciousness quakes. There’s nothing like a systemic inventory of what really makes the world go ‘round to open the room up for countless questions about the real motives behind everything we’ve taken for granted since birth.

But first, a caveat - it applies across the board, without exception, to everyone regarding everything:
PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY WORD OR INTERPRETATION FOR ANYTHING! What I share here are my perceptions and my interpretations as a work in progress, and I have no desire or intention of telling another self-empowered human being what truth should be for them. As stated in previous posts within “The Big Lie” series this post is part of, one positive consequence of reclaiming our power is personal accountability. We alone are individually responsible for our personal enlightenment process, the path we choose and what we intend to manifest as we strive to detach from the MC control matrix. No blame-shifting, no passing the buck, no victimhood. If my own experiences are any indicator, however, I have found that remembering how to navigate within our physicality as an empowered being takes some getting used to, and lots of open minded practice. You have my word on that much.

So what predominant hive-minded, well organized “teams” devised by the MC do we most identify with today?

Many would rank the tightly managed leagues below as gold medal winners, if only on the basis of membership volume and the constant drone of devoted servants. See if you can spot where the repetitious MC tactics of Divide and Conquer, Order Out of Chaos, Bread and Circuses, and the Crab Bucket Seduction as described in my previous post are surreptitiously at work behind the friendly facades of these consciousness controlling collectives. 

We were told we were sinners in need of salvation and we believed it.
In believing the lie, we handed the chosen Savior power over our souls.

All roads lead to Rome, and I mean ALL roads (do your own research on this one). The world’s religions and cults have everyone praying to the same god and fighting about it. Religion has reduced the divinity in humanity down to the level of cursed and pitiful sinners in need of redemption by a third party savior, as if we do not have the power within each of us to save or redeem ourselves. When believers worldwide finally learn the truth about the god to whom they pray, there will be a collective consciousness quake like the world has never seen.  

Oh, and let’s not forget that They would never invest in anything that didn’t secretly feed Their voracious appetite for power through infinite riches. So always follow the money. Cestui Que Vie trusts, Vatican City and the Vatican Bank: The Institute for the Works of Religion, the Jesuits, The Knights Templar, Freemasonry, charities, orphanages, missionaries, camps and clubs, churches and cathedrals, carry on and freak out. 

We were told we owed faithful allegiance to our governments and we believed it.
In believing the lie, we handed our faithless governments everything we stand for.

POLITICAL PARTY LINES: Politics is smoke screen theatre; a spectacular magic show put on by the MC’s Grand Illusionists to fleece, segregate and corral the herds as ordered. We might even call it the biggest show on Earth, the biggest show of fear mongering that is.

Liberal vs Conservative, Democrat vs Republican, Left vs Right. Who cares? I mean really, who cares? We might do well to pull down the artificial veil of separation and see with understanding eyes that the basic needs, wants and desires of almost every human alive are fundamentally the same. Underlying all of this social manipulation is the MC agenda, and this agenda remains constant regardless of who They pick to run any country.

The projected illusion of pitting opposites against each other with staged acrimonious sound bites is another successful MC variation of Divide and Conquer. While families are at each other’s throats arguing religion and politics at the dinner table, the MC are smugly enjoying a member’s only pizza party together behind closed doors.

PATRIOTISM: As far as the MC are concerned, patriotism is for peons. This clever form of emotional manipulation instills a strong sense of national loyalty by forever dangling the elusive promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and lately to ad nauseam, freedom and democracy.

The issue at heart here is not whether happiness and other virtues are worth pursuing, or whether our soldiers and veterans should receive our unwavering gratitude and appreciation. The issue underpinning everything is always the MC agenda, and They have never had a problem using the good hearts in humanity against humanity. It’s also worth noting that the MC controlled governments running the world today do not reciprocate the loyalty expected of its citizens in any way. It’s a one-sided deal to the death.

Patriotism is a useful hived-mind weapon for it covers several bases at once. It is designed to evoke an overwhelming feeling of national pride as it serves to emotionally trigger an entire country’s mass consciousness into believing that all of its citizens are on the side of justice and thereby on the winning team, a winning team worth defending at any cost. The feelings invoked by a united sense of patriotism can become so powerful that a loyal citizenry wouldn’t hesitate to heed the call to stand and defend whatever civil liberties they perceive as threatened without ever questioning the motives behind those giving the orders.  

Once a nation has been fully armed in patriotism, the MC expect Their trained baby elephants to loyally encourage future generations in the respected tradition of fighting and dying for the national team. With the voluntary infantry enlistments come the blood offerings of countless patriotic servicemen and servicewomen who have been and are being ritualistically sacrificed as cannon fodder in the proxy power struggles of Their twisted domination game.

For a dated glimpse into the MC mindset, check out the document titled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

Oh, and following the money on this one will see you hit pay dirt. Military Industrial Complex, Veteran’s Administration, Tri-Lateral Commission, 1871 Albert Pike, super PACs, lobbyists, shadow governments, secret space program, smuggling black markets for guns and drugs and massive organ harvesting, proxy wars, mercenary armies, etc. 

We were told we were inferior and we believed it.
In believing the lie, we lorded over others in order to feel superior. 

Divide and Conquer at its very best and an insult to us all. What would our communities be like if we weren’t being purposefully brainwashed day and night with targeted propaganda devised to convince us that our physical differences - something we are born with and have little control over for crying out loud - are worth killing for? hurting for? suffering for? dying for? Why? I have often wondered, would we really notice or even care if those around us were different so long as they were good at heart and kind to us? In my experience, humanity’s true nature really does feel the call to reciprocate genuine kindness when received, and it’s contagious.

We are all human, and we humans have a common history whether we know it yet or not. We are all powerful if we want to be. We all matter. Period.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow the money. Equal rights and affirmative action groups, the truth behind the feminist movement, NAACP, human rights activist groups, trade unions, etc.

We were told we were not smart enough to know the truth and we believed it.
In believing the lie, we ensured we would always be lied to.

I have long been devoted to a life of learning. For me, our very self-empowerment is predicated upon it. The observations in this section are not intended in any way to minimize the value or virtues of a good and factual education. But like many parents with children in the school system have already figured out, the curriculum we are forced to reckon with today is not designed to give our future generations a good and factual education.  

It appears that what passes for a classroom these days is more like a government sponsored programming center for indoctrinating “good workers” who will hustle for those “good jobs” everyone is always talking about yet there are never enough of. And BTW, whatever happened to encouraging useful skills like critical thinking, problem solving and a lot of imagination?

The children of the new millennium are different souls with different needs and the establishment isn’t even trying to keep up with them, their compulsory attendance notwithstanding. Anymore it seems that grade school is where creativity and constructive thinking go to die, and where our children by the millions must be medicated with mind altering drugs in order to suppress their magic and dumb the rest down.

There are so many emotionally charged objectives wrapped up in the ideals of a good education that it falls upon us all to learn more about what is directing the current system and what needs to be changed. Check into 1992 United Nations Agenda 21 and its 2015 update Agenda 2030 for further insight.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow the money trail here because this is a big one. How about the student loan scam for starters? The MC bank gets to finance the MC educational program required to get the “good job” with an MC company. Perhaps we need to start asking better questions such as who’s making all the rules in this equation? He who makes the rules controls the game and the money. Maybe it's time we learn some real math and begin making our own, more equitable, rules instead.

Other money trails worth investigating are usual suspects such as charters, grants, donations, that namesake science lab or campus library, Yale Skull and Bones, and then see if you can answer this: what does the best education money can buy really get you?

We were told there will never be enough and we believed it.
In believing the lie, we accepted Their rations as They purloined our wealth.

The powerful spell of money has been considered by many to be the repertory fail-safe of the MC control system. It’s hard to argue with this sentiment when considering that absolutely nothing in our world has been unaffected by the irrational seduction of the grandest illusion of them all.  

Dividing people into income brackets has served to segregate us into competitive groups based upon a standardized perception of worth. Yet, who sets the standards for determining our worth? The IRS? Which BTW is a terroristic tax collecting private corporation not even under government control. We have all been conditioned to be so afraid of the IRS that no one ever thinks to ask the important questions like who is really running the IRS? And where do our tax dollars really go?

One of the things we have never been told is how the projected production value of each newborn life is appraised, bundled and pledged as collateral against our nation’s misappropriated debt. All it takes is a birth certificate and the assignment of a tax ID number and !voila! They calculate what They believe to be the consummate worth of your entire life and proceed to pledge your life’s full asset value against Their investment activities, in trust, as if your life were Theirs to pledge. (To understand more, research the truth about the Cestui Que Vie trusts.)

It’s a made up debt that can never be paid. Am I missing something or where in this set up do we the people see any true benefit? Not only are we conceived in debt, we are born into a debt that can never be paid. Sounds like indentured servitude to me, except it’s really more like a sinister form of infinite enslavement. To keep the whole scheme going is merely to convince the uninitiated in the illusion of free market enterprise and the virtues of capitalism I guess.  

Yet, we all must have it, as much of it as we can get cuz that old saying is right. Money is what makes the world go ‘round. We need it to survive. We need it to eat, to sleep, to stay warm, to work, to live and we even need it to die because it was determined long before we were born that we must pay to play Their money game if we want to live and die on the planet of our birth. And the size of our balance sheet will forever be the gauge of our social value and our perceived place within established society.

We may not believe we have the power between us to bring down the malevolent monetary system as it stands, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to break the spell that binds each of us to the money matrix. In breaking the spell, we can begin to neutralize the multitude of emotional triggers and responses we’ve been vigorously programmed with and begin using money as a tool instead of a weapon.

There is so much research to be done on this topic that it would be impossible for me to cover it all, and frankly, I have no intention of it. We all need to find our own truth and that means doing your own research. I will conclude with a few quotes by several familiar MC front men on this hot button subject:

Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal – that there is no human relation between master and slave.” Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild and controllers of most of the world’s central banks.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow your fiat money straight to your bankrupt central bank for the gold They said was in Fort Knox vanished long ago.

I consider the list above to be merely a snapshot of some of the more obvious or notable social enslavement strategies. This list is clearly not thorough, let alone complete. It is only a beginning, to be used as an alternative perception tool for seeing our established social structures through fresh eyes. Hopefully its inclusion here will encourage further research in those who care to know more on these and other related topics such as the Entertainment industry, the Medical Mafia, or the stranglehold on Science.

Knowledge empowers.

© by DK King

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Speaking The Same Language: Who Are “They”


What does this summation really mean? How does it apply to each of us? And more importantly, how can we take our power back?

All good questions and worth deep personal pondering, but I believe it’s important to lay the groundwork for future posts with a common vocabulary – a consistent way of describing some of the basics as I have come to perceive them, especially since similar words are oftentimes used by researchers to mean different things. Simply put, speaking the same language can help minimize confusion and speed the conversation up.

So I’ll start this post by first defining my interpretation of “They” thus far. When I use the word “They,” I am referring to the Master Controllers (“MC”). The MC collective is basically comprised of the secret society superpower clans commonly called the Elites, the Moneyed Globalists, the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia, the Monarchies and Bloodline Families. They barely embody two percent of our planet’s population yet They somehow control our entire world.

Their interests are not based in service to humanity but in service to self for the MC are devoted servants and direct reflections of their non-human overlords. Their harmful grand agendas and global New World Order directives come straight from these non-human overlords, and They obey their orders without compunction or impunity and usually in exchange for incontestable power and gobs of money.

I know my ‘non-human overlord’ reference above may sound a little Scientology to some but remember what I said earlier, “things that don’t appear to be connected in any way are often intricately connected.” So hold that thought for now because it’ll hopefully make more sense later on.

Now back to the MC … An effective MC tactic employed through the ages to control humanity on every level is “divide and conquer.” While the D-n-C platform used to promote some of our more notable historic conflicts will have altered over time to coincide with the mentality level of humanity at any given moment, the covert agendas are always the same. This is probably why history is always repeating itself. What this group lacks in creativity, it makes up for in recycled fear-mongering mind games.  

Organized schemes regularly formulated by the MC to foment human divisiveness often involve powerful institutions with altruistic names posing as charitable do-gooders and shadow government cover ups. These institutions are frequently used to promote an impassioned need within the human psyche to take sides or choose a team, and naturally everyone wants to believe they’re on the winning team. One delusionary by-product of the “divide and conquer” scheme is a kind of phantom elitism stemming from a false sense of superiority over anyone playing on a different team. It seems to me that far-reaching damage to the heart of humanity comes from the deep-seated intolerance this form of social manipulation fosters. Intolerance creates separation, never unification.

Ordo Ab Chao, or Order Out Of Chaos - a slogan important to 33rd degree Freemasonry and another tried and true method of MC deception and manipulation - is the trick of creating chaos and then seizing power under the pretense of putting things back in order. In ancient Rome, the preferred control method was more like Panem Et Circenses, or Bread and Circuses. Roman emperors were notorious for distracting their plebian populace with gratuitous entertainment like triumph parades, heavy food and wine, and gorey Gladiator games. Gorge the people with “eat, drink and be merry” and the people will never notice that their empire has been grossly mismanaged until their homes are taken away.

The MC collective working their magic today have seen no need to reinvent the wheel. If the entertainment route was a hit in ancient Rome, it’s working in spades today … and with only a few subliminal NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) updates. The entertainment industry has been so successfully pervasive that just about every life on Earth has been influenced by it somehow. Take your pick, add your own, the list goes on and on … television, movies, theater, sex/porn, computer/video  games, sports, gambling, music, print, advertising, amusement parks, etc.

I think the best subliminal strategy They have released upon our 3-D world is the grandest seduction of all: 
We were told we can be like Them and we believed it.
In believing the lie, we gave Them all of our power.

Not only were we seduced by that whopping lie, but we proceeded to take each other out while stacking the bodies on our climb to the top of the crab bucket. But the joke has always been on us because Their reward for those who manage to claw their way out of the crab bucket on the dead and damaged backs of others is a hot water landing into a boiling pot.

The truth is (unless, of course, you are one of Them), we can never be like Them. No matter how hard we work. They only want us to think we can. And let’s not forget the fact that we don’t even know who or what They truly are. Maybe if we knew the truth, we might decide we don’t really want to be like Them anyway.

So how do we get our power back? We can start by recognizing that our sense of powerlessness - as mentioned in my baby elephant allegory - has always been the figment of our well-trained minds. Universal law suggests that no one can take anything from us without our permission, but this doesn't mean we can't abdicate under deceptive auspices.

It’s our power. It has always belonged to us, to each and every one of us, individually and collectively. If you want your power back, then take it back. Say it out loud if it helps. “It’s my power, it belongs to me and I call it back to me now and forever!”

After reclaiming your birth right, please consider further empowering yourself with knowledge of your true history; do your research, get educated for real, and be personally accountable along the way.

Now go be powerful!

© by DK King