Thursday, March 11, 2010

"LAB Rat" defined

As mentioned in "Alley Cats" posting below:
LAB RAT. n. Archetype
These are the fringe skulkers who hover just below the radar – like they’re there but not really part of anything. They appear to be pleasant and normal and give the illusion of making some sort of contribution, yet underneath they’re really cold fish with no true need for emotional substance or interpersonal depth.

LAB Rats navigate within a highly compartmentalized world that revolves solely around them which manifests itself in the form of brain-body incongruencies. It’s almost as if some unseen master has strategically placed remote-controlled electronic stimulus patches all over their body and knows just when to trigger the switch. This brain-body disconnect gives them little instinct for even the most rudimentary consideration for the needs of another, resulting in a narcissistic drive to achieve their goals at any cost, without conscience or accountability.

Busy scurrying and always on the go (and clearly no time for quiet introspection sans distraction) LAB Rats can frequently be found flying the redeye from LA to Boston and back again with Blackberry in hand and a GPS perpetually connected to the unseen master.

Evasive and duplicitous by nature, they might even tell you they live in France.

© by DK King

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