Saturday, April 7, 2012

“The New GOP” defined

G.O.P., acronym revision for the new “GENDER OVERLORD PARTY”. A cultural mindset.

The “GOP” acronym known for centuries in the United States to stand for the Republican “Grand Old Party” has been updated to be the new signifier for the “Gender Overlord Party”. This turn of the 21st century revision was made in order to better reflect the bullying nature and evolving cultural mindset of a GOP that has elected to stand on a platform righteously rooted in conflict, contradiction, and condescension.

© by DK King


  1. Hopefully this recent conversion in the GOP is just a temporary madness, for all of our sakes, Republican and Democrat alike. It would be so wonderful for moderate, cooler heads to prevail. I mean, who needs civil rights and a healthy environment when there is money to be made by the wealthy overlords? Gheesh! xx


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