Wednesday, January 25, 2017

They Do Indeed Live (And Work) Among Us

Charles Hall and the Tall Whites blew the doors to the Star Wars cantina wide open for me. By choosing to walk through those doors, my aural eyes were opened as well. And it wasn’t long before I started noticing certain patterns.  

Mr. Hall is by no means the first ‘whistleblower’ to give a personal account that directly contradicts the official line of denial of all things ET. The fact that his interactions occurred in the 1960s can serve to remind us just how far back the ET cover-up goes, even before the 1947 Roswell incident and the covert formation of Majestic 12 (MJ-12) - the agency once responsible for all ET cover ups. (For more information on MJ-12, consider reading “The Blue Planet Project.”)

Mr. Hall is also one of the early whistleblowers who lived to tell about it, when it appears many do not. It can be an understood death sentence for some employees, contractors and service people with security clearances who choose to violate their confidentiality agreements in any way, ever. The deeper challenge in this scenario of silence becomes more evident when we realize that who is harmed when a violation occurs isn’t always limited to the whistleblower because punishment can sometimes extend to family and friends. This has kept many wannabe whistleblowers silenced to death.

Every once in a while though, there comes along a guilt laden whistleblower with days to live and nothing to lose except the heavy burden of a conscience in need of absolution. Scenarios like these appear to be picking up pace and have become particularly evident as MC control over the flow of information begins to wane.

When Mr. Hall first went public with his contact experiences, he cautiously published and promoted his book as a work of fiction. His approach was not unusual when considering the costly repercussions for going public, although Mr. Hall has always asserted that he was never bound to silence by a confidentiality agreement. His first book evolved into a series of books on the subject once he owned up to the truthful nature of his story.

What we don’t know is what other kind of agreement, if any, Mr. Hall may have made with some alphabet control agency in exchange for permission to publish his personal story as fact rather than fiction. Was his story complete or were there limitations placed upon what he could reveal without running the risk of unsavory consequences? From what I can tell, ‘censorship required’ scenarios are quite common. The censored approach allows dribbles of truth to seep into the public domain but in a highly controlled way, which is the insulting equivalent of a tease without the please. 

Whatever compliance concessions Mr. Hall may or may not have been compelled to make, it’s pretty obvious to an ordinary observer like me that he was basically allowed to tell his story without the detrimental repercussions experienced by numerous whistleblowers who also opted for a truthful path. The form of death penalty a whistleblower can be subject to is not always synonymous with physical death, however. It can alternately involve character assassination, financial ruin, and the decimation of familial or loving support systems. For some, a physical death would’ve been preferred.

I learned a lot from listening to Mr. Hall and am glad his story is out there. Something notable he taught me is something I deal with each time I learn a large new truth. It’s what I call the ‘adjustment period’, or the time frame it took for him to internally adjust to the conceptual and energetic challenges unique to his military work experiences. I remember him saying it took about six months to grow accustomed to the continuous presence of the Tall Whites and all that entails. What I’ve discovered is that this six month adjustment period seems to apply to just about any profound experience that is seriously disruptive to our belief systems. Most of us really do need around six months to integrate any big change into our accepted awareness.

No mainstream media member in the White House press corps was ever allowed to ask a President about ETs and UFOs - to ask was to be banished. It appears we now have a President who isn’t interested in playing by the old rules, so maybe we’re closer to full disclosure than we think. Maybe we’re closer to the big truth behind “The Big Lie” than we think.

Remember Charles Hall and the six months it can take getting used to a new reality. It could be six months for some and longer for others, so let’s be kind as we work through our adjustments together. Shall we?

© by DK King

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