Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Power of Belief

18 July 2017

Our beliefs create the backdrop of our existing 3D Matrix and what we see as reality in the world around us. In other words, the Matrix in which we live is sustained by the congruent, yet often unconscious, underlying belief systems of the mass collective consciousness - belief systems that have been programmed vibrationally and reinforced by the ingrained masses through lifetimes of indoctrination.

When we choose to change our belief system in a way that allows us to elevate beyond the vibratory tolerance levels of mass consciousness, a frequency shortage is created within the Matrix and the Matrix knows no limits when it comes to protecting its power source.

One effective solution in quelling socially uncomfortable Matrix disturbances has historically included some form of cultural “electroshock” fear therapy designed to re-align our frequencies with the Matrix by using our support systems and indoctrinated beliefs against us.

The more profound and significant the changes made to our deepest-set beliefs, the more substantial the Matrix disruption and resulting energetic dead spots left in its wake.

At this point in some present timeline, there are simply too many dead spots to hold this Matrix together as it once was. The old world 3D Matrix appears to be getting smaller and smaller as it desperately attempts to pull together what remains of its power source:  the mass consciousness that still believes in it and just cannot bear to let it go.

For those compelled to expand their awareness beyond the limitations of this old world Matrix, it’s time we remember who we really are, it’s time to remember who YOU are. You are a powerful creator being and your beliefs are now actively creating our new world with loving intention! And how great is that.

We are what we believe, so let’s open our hearts together and create BIG. Really big. No limits.

© by DK King

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