Friday, July 28, 2017

The Release of Poverty Consciousness

26 July 2017

The strategic hijacking of humanity’s resources through an economic model known as Babylonian Debt Slavery is not a new ideology. It has been around as long as our fake recorded history.

It has also been the source of substantial suffering for the manipulated masses who believed for millennia they had no power over their systematic enslavement. Thus, being burdened and powerless, the masses have been purposefully overwhelmed beyond distraction by the debt load foisted upon them, yet unquestioning with regard to the authoritarian rules coming down to them from above, or the underlying reasons for any of it.

Debt enslavement prevailed on a grand scale because few had the skills or courage to perceive the truth, let alone the mass support necessary to break the spell. It is well known that those who have spoken out against an establishment designed to purloin have often paid a heavy price, death included. Punishment for transgressions of this nature has been publicly administered to instill within the heart of humanity a deep and unconditional fear of the system. Some have chosen to embrace the illusion so thoroughly that they believe the establishment is there to protect them when, in fact, it is there to protect only itself.

Corporate debt slavery has been a great success in every way that counts within the establishment running this 3D Matrix. It has worked like a charm and we submitted obediently … until now.

When it comes to the world of finance, every being has its own perceptions and preferences. What is believed to be the right way for one, may be the wrong way for another. What is believed to be balanced, sensible, prudent, legal, fair, etc. is just that: a personal belief, predicated upon some form of conditioning. We all have our belief systems, yet many of us do not even know where our deepest core beliefs (or schools of thought) came from or why we believe what we do.

Within our dying Matrix, the slave drivers have reigned supreme and ruled us all, the rich and the poor. Whatever our school of thought may be on the illusionary matter of money, the system of debt slavery has strived to indenture every being born without the possibility of redemption, despite the dangled carrots, false promises and glitz.

As waves of humanity awaken to the truth of their enslavement during this ascension activation period, many have begun questioning and reconsidering their old school beliefs. A promising first step to be sure, for by challenging our core beliefs, we allow ourselves the opportunity to naturally evolve toward an open-minded or more flexible way of perception where subservience and judgment of ourselves and others has little to cling to.

To neutralize the influences of our establishment indoctrination is to give ourselves permission to ask the probing questions of a truth seeker. And to question an establishment authority that opposes our personal sovereignty can be nothing less than an act of empowerment with the opportunity to change perspective.

In the act of collectively integrating our ever-changing perceptions and newly learned truths with authenticity, we are now altering the frequency of mass consciousness in a most powerful way. This vibrational expansion is creating massive dead spots within the 3D Matrix. Humanity is no longer charmed and the spell is lifting.

Motu proprio!

© by DK King

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