Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Moldy Old White Bread" defined

Yum! Yum! 
A tasty depiction of a human anachronism who routinely derives sustenance from stale, inedible, and moldy ways of thinking, while advocating modi operandi that is firmly entrenched in standards set by the “Old Guard”.

MOWBs are not conservatively categorized or necessarily stereotyped by gender, age, race, culture, or even political party affiliation; but usually reveal their unmistakable MOWB-ness with a mindset deeply rooted in entitlement, arrogance, superiority and double standards.

A Male MOWB is more specifically referred to as a “Moby Dick”.

A Female MOWB is more specifically referred to as a “B-Rex”.

© by DK King

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