Monday, May 24, 2010

"Muse With Benefits" defined

MUSE WITH BENEFITS ("MWB") n. Archetype.
Not to be mistaken for a musty “MOWB”, the Muse With Benefits customarily proffers distraction with action, arousal without a spousal, hanky panky with a little spanky, stimulations with few limitations, thrills with skills, flings with no strings, tantalization without penalization, tease then a please between the sheets, and lastly, creative snippets after a few whip its.

As would be expected, the MWB tends to attract the greedy (and not necessarily the needy) and we all know who they are ... those who just have to have more, even after snatching up everything else.

Perhaps secretly it’s all about following in the fancy foot steps of Apollo. He led us to believe for thousands of years that he could have it all and the Muses to boot.
© by DK King

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