Saturday, November 19, 2016

“Consciousness Quake” defined


AKA The Tower.  The Tower” card is known to mystics and tarot readers alike to be the 16th card of the Major Arcana. Master Numerologist, Richard Andrew King, would call the type of “16/7” energy represented by this card the Great Purifier

Instead of striking at the crown, the 16/7 lightning bolt that triggers a Consciousness Quake strikes at the base of the target, at the foundation and very cornerstone. The strike is often stealthily rendered so that the fatal cracks inflicted can simmer beneath the surface without immediate awareness. By the time the cracks start to spread, it’s too late. Permanent damage done. Things will never look or feel the same again (even if you try to reconstruct it).

A lesser lightning strike might typically be called an A-HA moment, or an epiphany. The primary difference between an epiphany and a Consciousness Quake is directly related to the level of disturbance. Unlike the epiphany, a Consciousness Quake is all about disseminating tremors through both the individual and the collective realms; both the micro (individual) and the macro (collective).

A classic epiphany, while profound unto itself, will send internal tremors throughout the mind/body/spirit realms of an individual, and can be likened to the ripples that radiate outward from a stone tossed into a pool - a pool of consciousness that is. The stone’s impact being the epiphany itself as the resulting ripples act to irradiate the epiphany’s newfound enlightenment throughout the entire being.

The Consciousness Quake not only creates the same internal mind/body/spirit tremors for the individual, but kicks it up a notch by making the epiphany “public.” In going “public,” those rolling waves of ‘A-HAs’ are amplified beyond the individual and throughout the collective consciousness for the entire macro to access and benefit from. Instead of a stone being tossed into the pool of consciousness, it’s more like a boulder.

The pathway of enlightenment is laid by the Consciousness Quake for nothing can blow those boulders standing in the way of ascension out of the way better.

© by DK King

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