Friday, November 11, 2016

The Beginning and The End Feel The Same

December 2012 was positively the end of my world as I knew it, only (like I said) I didn’t know it at the time.

By the time The Galactic Transcripts were published in September 2013, it was full steam ahead. My focus had completely and irrevocably changed. Research and the quest for knowledge became a full time job. Not even my father’s suspicious death on December 20, 2012 got in the way.

Perhaps it was no accident that all of these events coincided with the end of the Mayan calendar, the winter solstice, and the invisible galactic surge then shift in global energies on December 21, 2012. I didn’t spend much time pondering the timing of it all. Yet before I even had time to gauge the full impact of my consciousness quake, a voracious thirst for truth had overtaken my life. Truth was a thirst that could only be quenched with real knowledge, occult knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil.

This meant devouring the apple in its entirety, which for me meant delving into the alternative world of conspiracies, aliens and UFOs, spirituality and new age love & light, Satanism and SRA, symbolism and secret societies, religious agendas and origins, super soldiers and MK Ultra, and anything else you can probably think of. Topics considered by most to be off the straight and narrow beaten path. Certainly nothing one would ever find on the mainstream mind control media.

It also meant sifting through a lot of regurgitated crap and apocalyptic fear porn. After a while, it’s hard not to develop a finely tuned BS meter which helps a lot.

Good thing I was pretty open minded. And good thing I had open minded friends to help out along the way. I’m talking great friends here – friends who listened to me, shared information with me, as I continue to do with them; friends who’ve been able to keep up with my connect-the-dot ramblings and the fast pace of change that comes when learning the truth of things.  

For this support I am deeply grateful because more often than not the changes instigated by truth mean profound endings and loss, whether it’s in the realm of family/friends/loved ones, a job, one’s self-identity, belief system, way of life, money resources, or possibly all of the above and then some.

My quest has seen no subject too sacred to dissect, no belief left without scrutiny as new information comes to light. I quickly made a most unexpected discovery as well: things that don’t appear to be connected in any way are often intricately connected.

It’s been a very winding road indeed, and a work in progress. So how would I sum up in 25 words or less what I think I know so far? I would sum it up like this:


My hope in the coming posts is to describe for those who are interested what the winding road to this sublime conclusion has looked like, been like. I do this while readily acknowledging that many roads exist leading to the same destination. In other words, what worked for me, may not work for another. And I just don’t think it matters where we start our personal ‘awake and aware’ journey as long as we started yesterday for there is a strong urgency permeating the air of which the masses seem ignorant of and desensitized to. This has been on purpose.

© by DK King

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